Gigi Edgley back in her element

Being an Australian actor in Hollywood can have its drawbacks.


That’s why Gigi Edgley puts on her best LA accent when she fronts directors and producers at auditions.

Edgley is back on the beat for Hollywood’s pilot season now she has finished hosting the reality series Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.

The series follows 10 aspiring creature creators who have to make and create mechanical characters and whimsical beasts in a bid to join the famed puppet and muppet workshop. There’s also $100,000 prize money.

Edgley was called up to host the series by Brian Henson, the chairman of the Jim Henson Company and son of the late Jim Henson who created The Muppets.

Brian Henson was co-creator of the sci-fi series Farscape, which Edgley appeared in for four seasons, and called her manager in January, inviting her to host the show.

Teaming up again with Henson has reignited Edgley’s love affair with the US and was the catalyst for her trying out for pilot season, when the TV networks cast for new shows.

Edgley says she keeps pre-audition banter to a minimum and always converses, in or out of character, with an LA accent.

“I feel positive and excited by the show (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge) and I thought I’d really like to give Hollywood another whirl,” Edgley told AAP from Hollywood.

“I go in speaking like an American and with a seamless accent.

“That’s because there are rumours around town that if you go in as an Australian they won’t be able to focus on the scene because they’ll be listening to your accent and trying to pick flaws in it.

“I make very little talk in the intro other than questions about the character or the script.”

Edgley says life is tough for actors in Hollywood during pilot season and it’s not unusual to turn up to an audition and find a dozen or more hopefuls competing for the same role.

But the competitiveness hasn’t taken the edge off her enthusiasm.

“You just have to go in and be as prepared as you can be and enjoy the journey and sooner or later the right role will fall into your lap.”

Edgley recently returned to the US after she finished filming the biopic Carlotta for the Nine Network.

She will return to Australia in April for two pop culture conventions to chat with fans of Farscape.

“I was only going to be in it for one episode and I stuck around for five years and I love the autograph signings,” Edgley says.

“It’s a chance to meet people who are passionate about what I am passionate about.”

* Supanova Pop Culture Expo is being held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on April 5 & 6 and at the Melbourne Showground on April 12 and 13.

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